Here are some of our favorite travel insurance reviews:

“Went to Mexico on spring break. My mom told me to get travel insurance. Ate some BAD food. Spent 3 days under an IV. Insurance company spoke with hospital and worked out the bill. I’m done with Cancun.”    Ricky W., AZ

“Sir, I thank you for medical service while I visit United States from China. My family have pleasant trip and see New York City, Grand Canyon, Hollywood, and the Las Vegas. Maybe too much fun though. My kidney was blocked with stone and I attended your hospital with little problem. The Patriot Plan did pay for most of the bill and I returned home in good spirit.”  Zhang C, China

“Last fall I went to Nicaragua with my church missionary. We are part of a group that builds one water filtration system per a year to help provide local people with clean drinking water. It involves building the entire filtration unit and assuring that the local police and government are fair in the water distribution and utilization. During the building process I cut my leg with what I would call a decent scratch, but not a deep laceration. I placed two band aids on the cut and then rinsed it out later that evening after we had finished working. When I woke the next morning it looked gross and oozed and had some pus and it even smelled a bit…..we went to the local clinic which was just a small room, and they treated it with some ointments and cleaned it some more and said I may have to head back into Managua to get treated. I ignored them and by dinner time my leg really started to hurt and swell and the wound looked like old raw hamburger – so Pastor Wayne drove me into Managua. The insurance company was contacted at that time and directed us to Hospital Bautista. Once in the facility I was given three injections of antibiotics and a couple of pills which I think were also antibiotics.  I did stay two nights in the hospital and then everything was fine…….It truly was an odd experience and scary…… I know in the US I could visit any urgent care for quick treatment foreign travel is quite different.I wanted to thank you for all your help. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have headed to the hospital if I did not have the insurance. I’m so used to my family Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage where the deductible $5,000 and I try not to use my policy, but my Patriot plan only had a $100 deductible. I can certainly live with that.  God Bless” Ray, G St Louis, MO