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Wife and I in Venice, ItalyHello, my name is Michael Bennett and I manage NextDay-Travelinsurance.com. I am a US Citizens and United States National Producers 8790924.  My phone number is 877-305-9083 and I am here to assist anyone in the world with buying the correct health insurance product. It is no cost to work with me as I am paid directly through the insurance carriers. The rates are all set by the insurance companies, so we guarantee the lowest rates. It is our job to help match you up with the best product!

The In’s and Out’s of International Medical Insurance

I have worked in the insurance industry for almost 10 years, connect with me on LinkedIn. I handle all individual and family health insurance needs no matter what the situation may be. Often times the coverage needed is basic, like a vacation to Italy or coverage to meet the requirements for a J-1 visa. However, sometimes the coverage is more complex, like a mother and father going to Russia to adopt a child. They request not only international coverage for themselves, but also coverage for the child when returning to the United States.

As an independent agent I am fully certified to offer all health insurance products sold inside the United States. I can also offer products sold through other countries which could be more beneficial for some very unique situations. I also have all my Medicare and Federal MarketPlace (Obamacare) certification as well.

As a US insurance agent I have a duty to provide you with the correct information and the correct coverage. When shopping for international medical coverage, there are many companies available. Some companies are good, other companies are not so good.

The most common company we work with is International Medical Group. Here are the reasons why:

  • 20 Years of Experience offering global medical insurance
  • Services over 1 million people annually
  • A U.S. BASED COMPANY in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • A global PPO network 20 years in the making
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Pays Claims in over 100 Currencies
  • AND – Best of All – the plans are very affordable.

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F.Y.I. I also work with my wife, Katherine, who is in the picture above. We began our career in domestic US coverage, but found the international market to be more enjoyable. International Medical Insurance gives us a chance to work with people who are happy about buying a policy because they are preparing to travel the world for the adventure of a lifetime!